Custom Wood Doors

At Bent Nail, we pride ourselves on our custom, handcrafted solid wood doors. Each is designed to fit the specific style and preference of its owner. There is no assembly line. Just our workshop, our tools, our craftsmen, and dedication to quality.

Entry Doors

We build beautiful quality entry doors to fit any home and any style. Whether you're looking for something simple and quaint or intricate and stunning, our master craftsmen are able to create virtually anything to ensure you get the product you envision.

custom wood interior doors

Interior Doors

Let's be honest, interior doors that will withstand years of wear and tear are hard to come by these days. At Bent Nail Architectural Millwork, our goal is to build exactly that - products that last. No matter what style, our craftsmen can create the perfect doors for you.

Louvered door

Louvered Doors

A traditional look, louvered doors provide privacy while offering the convenience of allowing light and air to pass through. Our doors are built from solid hardwood to ensure long-lasting quality and premium quality construction.

architectural millwork

Radius Top Doors

Whether it's the window or the door itself, a radius top will add elegance to any entryway. It's the type of styling that becomes possible with a custom woodworker and is one of the many features we offer.

custom commercial entry door blue

Commercial Doors

Our custom doors are the perfect solution for for any business. Handcrafted, solid wood construction ensures a bold statement and long-lasting durability.

Wood Door Repair & Restoration

As is the case with any wood product, wear and tear are likely. As the years roll on, time will take its toll. In addition to crafting new interior and exterior doors, we specialize in the repair and restoration of existing wood products including doors, trim, moldings, transoms, wall panels, and more. Our woodworking capabilities are tremendous, so whatever your needs, we almost certainly have a solution. Breathe new life into a family heirloom or historical piece by allowing Bent Nail to do what we do best.

Need a custom door? Look no further.

At Bent Nail Architectural Millwork we work with the best equipment and materials available. You should expect the same reliability from us. That’s why we focus on providing you with a personalized experience that results in getting the product you want with the service you deserve. Questions about any of your specific needs? Tell us about your project today to see how Bent Nail Architectural Millwork can help.